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The DTO Milkpriceguaranteecertificate is since 2010 available for Dairy Farmers and Milkprocessors. The goal of the DTO milkpriceguaranteecertificate is to manage the price volatility in the dairy market for the buyers and sellers of dairy.

After the end of the quotation in 2015 there is an increase of price volatility, the uncertainty of the marges will increase. Risk management will be still more important in the future.

To get more influence on price volatility, DTO developed the milkpriceguaranteecertificate. The DTO milkpriceguaranteecertificate creates to fix the milkprice for a certain period. Its a possibility to fix the marges ahead.

DTO is active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The milkpriceguaranteecertificate is a financial product. There is no physical delivery of milk. It's an agreement between 2 parties that for a certain period settle the differences between a variable milkprice and a indexed fixed price. The variable price is a representative price thats published and a representative for the environment. The price differences will be settled monthly. DTO is the intermediate between the two parties.



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DTO milkpriceguaranteecertificate is a part of Farmel BV